Chef Outten private chef services will be delighted to prepare delicious gourmet dishes in the comfort of your accommodation. Whether you need me to cook for a single luncheon, dinner party or special gourmet dinner, or wish to hire my services for several days or weeks and do everything from shopping to cooking, I can create a menu to fit your taste and budget tailored to your specifications to accommodate you.
Standard Private Chef Service Fee: All-inclusive meal cooking and groceries shopping, labour and cleaning up. No matter how many people you may have.

Chef Outten cooks great food for every one. He will cate to health challenges, special dietary needs, food allergies, vegetarian cooking. 

Specializing in Delicious Gourmet Dishes such as Surf & Turf (Steak & Lobster), Lobster Thermidor, Barbecue Chicken, Shrimp, Grouper or Lobster , Grilled Salmon, Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti, Lasagna, Shrimp Scampi, Alfredo (Chicken,Shrimp, Lobster), Garlic Bread Caesar & Garden Salad.

Bahamian Local dishes:

Appetizers- Conch Fritters , Conch Salad and Native Conch Chowder.

Main dishes- Nassau Grouper or Snapper Pan Fried, Smothered or Blacken,Crack Conch, Crispy-Cried Cracked Lobster and Grouper fingers with Bahamian Peas & Rice and Native Cole Slaw and Native Bake Marcaroni and Cheese

Delectable desserts-Cheese Cake -any flavor, Black Rum Carrot Cake, Key Lime pie, Triple Chocolate Ganache Cake, Apple Pie with Streusel topping, Banana Foster with Vanilla Ice Ceam.
After a service selection is established, Chef Outten will send an accurate cost proposal stating all that is needed for your meals. I strive to make the proposals easy to understand and easy on the pocketbook! All costs are stated and there will never be any “hidden” surprises. 

Chef Outten will bring a 5 star restaurant experience to you in the in the comfort of your accommodation.